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IDN capable: Yes
Handle Updates: Yes
Registration Period: 1-10 years
Autorenew Grace Period: 35 days
Deletion Timeframe: 35 days after expiration date
Registration System: Realtime
WHOIS-Update: Realtime
WHOIS-Privacy: No
Registry: Registry
Dispute Policy: Policy

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Zone Info

.ASIA is the official domain extension for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific Internet community.

Zone Use

Any resident, company or organisation of the ASIA region can register such a domain. It is specifically interesting for companies who have different office locations within the ASIA area.


  • Minimum: 3
  • Maximum: 63
  • Letters and numbers (however no numbers directly at the beginning)
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
  • Valid IDN Languages and their corresponding tags: see IDN info

IDN info

  • Traditional Chinese (ZH)
  • Korean (KO)
  • Japanese (JA)

Domain Registration

.ASIA domains can be registered online through the Webinterface or with the corresponding API command.

command         = adddomain
domain          =
period          = 1
ownercontact0   = [owner-contact]
admincontact0   = [admin-contact]
techcontact0    = [tech-contact]
billingcontact0 = [billing-contact]
nameserver0     = [nameserver 1]
nameserver1     = [nameserver 2]

With each .ASIA registration, the following extensions must be submitted:

X-ASIA-MAINTAINERURL = (TEXT) (max. 255 chars)
This field is optional. If you want to utilize this field, it can contain the URL and/or name of the party responsible for maintaining the domain. The maintainer is defined by ICANN as "a person that has been designated by the Registrar for the registration of the domain (for example a reseller, could also depend on the registrant)."

In order to be eligible for a .ASIA domain, at least one of the Domain Contacts associated with the Domain Name must be an existing and current legal entity in the DotAsia Community. The DotAsia Community is defined based on the geographical boundaries described by the ICANN Asia / Australia / Pacific region:

The .ASIA CED contact extensions are as follows:

Enables the Key-Systems "trustee solution".

The below parameters will only have to be used if NO trustee solution is used.

X-ASIA-CED-CONTACT = registrant | admin | tech | billing
Indicates which contact should be used as CED (Either Registrant, Admin, Tech, or Billing Contact must be extended into a CED Contact).
Location or domicile of the Entity (based on the corresponding ISO3166 code).
X-ASIA-CED-LOCALITYSP = (TEXT) (max. 255 chars)
Province of establishment of the CED.
X-ASIA-CED-LOCALITYCITY = (TEXT) (max. 255 chars)
City of establishment of the CED.
X-ASIA-CED-LEGALENTITYTYPE = naturalPerson | corporation | cooperative | partnership | government | politicalParty | society | institution | other
Type of Entity
  1. Corporations or Companies
  2. Cooperatives
  3. Partnerships or Collectives
  4. Government Bodies, States, Sovereigns or Municipalities
  5. Political parties or Trade Unions
  6. Trusts, Estates, Associations or Societies
  7. Institutions
  8. Natural Persons
  9. Other
X-ASIA-CED-IDENTFORM = passport | certificate | legislation | societyRegistry | politicalPartyRegistry | other
Form of Identification
  1. Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent business registration certificate issued by the relevant government registry as confirmation of the due incorporation and valid existence of the company
  2. Act, decree or legislation chartering the formation of an entity
  3. Societies Registry or equivalent registry for non-corporate entities
  4. Political Parties Registry
  5. Passport or Citizenship ID
  6. Other
X-ASIA-CED-IDENTNUMBER = (TEXT) (max. 255 chars)
Identification Number / Code of Reference (e.g. Passport number, Business Certificate number, Act or Legislation number/code, etc.).
X-ASIA-CED-OTHERLETYPE = (TEXT) (max. 255 chars)
If legal entity type or form of identifaction is "other", please enter the appropriate information to support the claim. Information submitted for the CED Contact, except where privacy considerations for personal data dictates (e.g. passport number), will be included in publicly accessible WHOIS databases to allow for public inspection of applicants' eligibility. Registered Domain Holders who are found to have provided false or misleading information will have their domain registration cancelled.
Specify the desired language for your .ASIA IDN

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Domain Modification


Owner changes are possible and can be accomplished with the ModifyDomain command. No special procedure is required.

command       = modifydomain
domain        =
ownercontact0 = [new owner-contact]

Domain Renewal

.ASIA domains can be either renewed explicitly or automatically through the renewal system.

command    = renewdomain
domain     =
period     = [renew period]
expiration = YYYY-MM-DD

Deletion Process

.ASIA domains can be deleted online through the WebInterface or via API command.

command = deletedomain
domain  =


  • According to registry policy at least one contact located in the .ASIA region has to be provided. If you do not have a local contact you may register .ASIA domains using our trustee service.
  • Nameservers can only be given in the following combinations:
    • No name servers at all
    • 2 - 13 name servers


.ASIA Transfers are possible. Upon successfully transfering a domain, it is automatically renewed for one year. The registration period is extended by one year.

Transfer procedure

  • .ASIA Transfers can either be done through the RRPproxy WebInterface or API.
command = TransferDomain
domain  = domain.ASIA
action  = request
auth    = .....
  • After the transfer has been requested, our backend system sends a confirmation email to the Owner/Admin-C according to the WHOIS of the respective domain. In order to initiate the transfer successfully it is important, that this email is confirmed.
  • After confirmation the transfer is initiated through the official registry and the losing registrar will receive the transfer request.
  • The losing registrar will also send an email to the Owner/Admin-C. allowing him/her to deny the transfer. If you do not respond to the email of the losing registrar, then the transfer will get processed successfully after 5 days.
Attention.png If the Email-Address in the WHOIS is invalid, then the transfer cannot be processed.If this is the case, then kindly contact your current registrar and ask him to update the WHOIS information accordingly.

Transfer notes

  • A .ASIA Domain Transfer must be initiated with a so-called Authorisation Code, which can be obtained from the current registrar through the owner or Admin-C of the domain.
  • Ensure that your respective domain does not have a lock-status (REGISTRAR-LOCK or HOLD). This can be seen in the WHOIS.
    If the domain is locked, then the owner can demand that the domain will be unlocked.
  • Please note that we are only allowed to initiate a gTLD transfer after confirmation of the "ICANN Form of Authorization" by the current registrant. The policies can be viewed under
  • Please ensure that the domain is older than 60 days otherwise the transfer will be denied.

Authorization Codes

  1. The following validation rules will be applied for the authInfo element when a new domain is being added or when the authInfo for an existing domain is being updated.
  2. The authInfo will need to have at least eight characters consisting of one number, one alphabet and one special character.

Please see below for allowed characters

Numbers 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 0
Upper Case Alphabets A , B , C , D , E , F , G , H , I , J , K , L , M , N , O , P , Q , R , S , T , U , V , W , X , Y , Z
Lower Case Alphabets a , b , c , d , e , f , g , h , i , j , k , l , m , n , o , p , q , r , s , t , u , v , w , x , y , z
Special Characters ! , " , # , $ , % , & , ' , ( , ) , * , + , , , - , . , / , : , ; , < , = , > , ? , @ , [ , \ , ] , ^ , _ , ` , { , | , } , ~

Transfer time

A transfer takes 5 days to complete.


Restores are possible within 30 days upon deletion. A restore can be requested via API command or via webinterface.

command = restoredomain
domain  =

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