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Low Balance Notification

All processes in our system are simply fully automated so domains are deleted without any further notice. Your RRPproxy account is a so called prepayment account. Therefore you must have sufficient money on your account that we can charge them. If there was a new registration or a renewal we will charge your account accordingly.
To plan domain renewals in our system we offer several tools:

  1. Pending Domains file in the RRPproxy webinterface under Domain --> Renewal
  2. The Low Balance eMails which can be adjusted under Account --> Registrar data --> Low-balance warning.
    For an amount of 10.000 registered domains with us, we recommend to set this value to 2.000 USD at least.

Account Renewal Mode

Under Account --> Settings --> (Tab) General it is possible to change the RenewalMode for all domains under your management.

    the respective domain will automatically be renewed to the expiration date including the autorenew grace period (gTLDs).
    the respective domain will automatically be deleted to the max. expiration date (including the autorenew grace period).
    is to be identified if you do not have a confirmed deletion by your customer but you would like to have deleted due to non payment.

As a matter of course you can change the explicit DomainRenewalMode for each domain under Domain --> Renewal

You can set single domain names to the renewal mode AUTORENEW or RENEWONCE in order to have them renewed. You have to do this before the renewal date is reached. You can check the renewal date at Domain --> fill in domain name and click "search" for your domain names.

If you set the renewal mode of a domain to RENEWONCE our system puts it back to DEFAULT after an automated successful renewal. At the same time you will receive an RENEWAL::SUCCESSFUL event.

Application Auto Payment

This feature can only be used with DomainApplications where you have a Sunrise or a Landrush period. If you set the menu to YES, all applications will be marked as payed. Set the menu to NO if you want to specify which domains are payed (from your customer) and which not.

This feature is sensible if you have endcustomers and you will first place an application if you have received the money.

Registrar Properties

A detailed descriptions of the registrar properties can be found in the corresponding article.

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