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We're providing Dedicated Servers to all RRPproxy resellers, managed at SKYWAY DataCenter, a subsidiary of Key-Systems. Resellers can lease an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as you have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system.

The SKYWAY Dedicated Servers with real server hardware offer a professional one-stop solution and address business customers and discerning private clients with a high demand for performance and availability. The 19" hardware is designed for continuous operation in a data center. With hot-swap frame and redundant power supplies it provides everything you need for the professional server operation. Furthermore, all servers pass through an extended burn-in test before the initial operation in order to identify possibly defective parts early. If a hardware defect is noticed after some time of operation, you benefit from our own spare parts storage.

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Available Dedicated Servers

We currently have two variants of Dedicated Servers available.

Technical Specification:

dserver-m1 dserver-l1
CPU AMD Opteron 6-Core 4170 HE 2.1 GHz AMD Opteron 6-Core 4226 2.7 GHz
RAM 16 GB ECC Registered DDR3 RAM 32 GB ECC Registered DDR3 RAM
HDD 2x 1 TB SATA II WD RAID Edition 2x 2 TB SATA II WD RAID Edition
RAID Controller 3Ware 9650-2i SATA HW RAID Controller 3Ware 9650-2i SATA HW RAID Controller
IP Adresses 2x IPv4 (one for IPMI), 1x IPv6 2x IPv4 (one for IPMI), 1x IPv6

Operating System

All Dedicated Servers the latest version of Ubuntu-LTS (Long Term Support) pre-installed.

Remote Access via IPMI

All Dedicated Servers are reachable via unrestricted IPMI access, operating independently of the operating system to allow administrators to manage the Dedicated Server remotely in the absence of an operating system. Thus IPMI functions can be used in any of these scenarios:

  • before an OS has booted (allowing, for example, the remote monitoring or changing of BIOS settings)
  • when the system is powered down
  • after OS or system failure – the key characteristic of IPMI compared with in-band system management such as by remote login to the operating system using SSH.

The login credentials for remote access via IPMI can be retrieved via the StatusServer command:

property[rmc login][0] = ADMIN [Remote Management Card Login]
property[rmc pass][0] = ADMIN_PASS [Remote Management Card Password]

The IP address to connect to IPMI is always the first one returned in the StatusServerNetwork command:

NETWORKID=2 [ID Of installed Network card]
property[address][0] =

More general information about IPMI:

How It Works

After ordering via AddServer your Dedicated Server will be activated within 2 working days. The current status of your order can be retrieved using the StatusServer command.

property[status][0] = REQUESTED 

When the Server is rady the "status" will change to ACTIVE. There will also be an Event informing about Status changes.

Expiration dates will be adjusted after succesfull Installation of the server. There will be also an Event informing about this.

API Commands


AddServer is used to order a new Dedicated Server. Please regard, this is a non-realtime process. After ordering via AddServer your Dedicated Server will be activated within 2 working days. The current status of your order can be retrieved using the StatusServer command.

code = 200
description = Command completed successfully
queuetime = 0
runtime = 0.028
property[serverid][0] = dserver_5336094


Use StatusServer to retrieve detailed information for a specified Dedicated Server.

code = 200
description = Command completed successfully
runtime = 0.006
property[class][0] = dserver
property[created by][0] = reseller
property[created date][0] = 2014-12-17 00:00:00
property[expiration date][0] = 2015-06-12 00:00:00
property[minimum expiration date][0] = 2016-02-10 00:00:00
property[network id][0] = 2 [ID of installed Network card]
property[network id][1] = 3
property[network mac address][0] = 6C:62:6D:DA:83:1E [MAC Address of installed Network Card]
property[network mac address][1] = 6C:62:6D:DA:83:1A
property[network status][0] = ACTIVE [Status of Network Card]
property[network status][1] = ACTIVE
property[os login][0] = root [Initial Server Login credentials for Operating System]
property[os pass][0] = password_123
property[os type][0] = ubuntu_x64_14.04 [Initial Server Operating System]
property[paid until][0] = 2015-06-12 00:00:00
property[registrar][0] = reseller
property[renewal mode][0] = AUTOEXPIRE
property[rmc login][0] = ADMIN [Remote Management Card Credentials]
property[rmc pass][0] = ADMIN_PASS
property[server][0] = dserver_2 [Unique Server ID]
property[status][0] = ACTIVE


Retrieve network data for specified Network Card, using "networkID" from StatusServer command response.

code = 200
description = Command completed successfully
runtime = 0.007
property[address][0] =
property[address][1] =
property[address][2] = 	0010:0020:0030:0040:0050:FFFF:C0A8:0111
property[address gateway][0] =
property[address gateway][1] =
property[address gateway][2] =
property[address id][0] = 5
property[address id][1] = 6
property[address id][2] = 7
property[address netmask][0] =
property[address netmask][1] =
property[address netmask][2] =
property[address protocol][0] = IPV4
property[address protocol][1] = IPV4
property[address protocol][2] = IPV6
property[address type][0] = RMC (Remote Management Card)
property[address type][1] = Server
property[address type][2] = Server
property[network mac address][0] = 6C:62:6D:DA:83:1E
property[network mac address][1] = 6C:62:6D:DA:83:1E
property[network mac address][2] = 6C:62:6D:DA:83:1E


Used to delete a Dedicated Server. Please regard: This command deactivates the server and no further access is possible, also not via IPMI.



Shows all Dedicated Servers in your RRPproxy reseller account. Also includes vServers.

code = 200 
description = Command completed successfully 
runtime = 0.017 
property[column][0] = serverid 
property[count][0] = 20 
property[first][0] = 0 
property[last][0] = 19 
property[limit][0] = 1000 
property[serverid][0] = dserver_1 
property[serverid][1] = dserver_10 
property[serverid][2] = dserver_11 
property[serverid][3] = dserver_12 
property[serverid][4] = dserver_13 
property[serverid][5] = dserver_14 
property[serverid][6] = dserver_15 
property[serverid][7] = dserver_16 
property[serverid][8] = dserver_17 
property[serverid][9] = dserver_18 
property[serverid][10] = dserver_19 
property[serverid][11] = dserver_2 
property[serverid][12] = dserver_3 
property[serverid][13] = dserver_4 
property[serverid][14] = dserver_5 
property[serverid][15] = dserver_6 
property[serverid][16] = dserver_7 
property[serverid][17] = dserver_8 
property[serverid][18] = dserver_9 
property[serverid][19] = vserver_fjhfjhf567rf 
property[total][0] = 92

Parameter WIDE=1 will show more detailed data in command response:

code = 200
description = Command completed successfully
queuetime = 0
runtime = 0.008
property[count][0] = 1
property[first][0] = 0
property[last][0] = 0
property[limit][0] = 1
property[serverid][0] = dserver_9 
property[created][0] = 2011-06-27 09:59:09
property[createdby][0] = reseller_name
property[updated][0] = 2011-07-02 07:42:49
property[updatedby][0] = reseller_name
property[status][0] = 
property[class][0] = DSERVER-M1
property[renewalmode][0] = AUTORENEW
property[registrar][0] = reseller_name
property[total][0] = 74 


The Command ModifyServer is currently not supported and will respond with an error message. If you would like to modify a Dedicated Server, please contact our support at

code = 549
description = Command failed; Please contact Support for modifications on Dedicated Servers
runtime = 0.007


What is the minimum term to lease a Dedicated Server?

The minimum term to lease a Dedicated Server is 12 months. After these 12 months Dedicated Servers can be renewed on a monthly basis. Dedicated Servers fully support AutoRenew, AutoRenewOnce and AutoExpire settings, just like domains in your RRPproxy account.

Is an Add Grace Period available?

No. Dedicated Servers are set up manually by SKYWAY. Once ordered, they will be delivered.

Is there any backup available?

No. As these machines are Dedicated Servers we do not store any backups. Please make sure you have sufficient backups of your data.

Is there any kind of server control panel (e. g. Plesk, cpanel etc.) preinstalled?

No, currently there is no server control panel preinstalled.

How to access and administrate the server?

All dedicated servers can be accessed and administrated via SSH using the provided login credentials. If the provided login name is not root (e. g. "sysadm"), administrator privileges can be gained by using sudo.

What happens if I delete a Dedicated Server using DeleteServer?

The Dedicated Server will be deactivated and no further access is possible, also not via IPMI. After 7 working days all data and settings on the Dedicated Server will be purged.

Is a restore possible after deletion?

Currently a restore is not possible after deletion.

My Dedicated Server has been deactivated automatically. What can I do to retrieve it?

Please contact our RRPproxy support at

What happens if I violate the Terms and Conditions using a Dedicated Server?

The server will be deactivated and you will receive a proper notification. The server can not be accessed any more, also not via IPMI.

Which bandwidth and which data volume is available?

All Dedicated Servers are connected via a 100 mBit switch, the switch itself is connect with 1 GBit. The data volume is flat and the fair use principle applies.

I need a Dedicated Server with different specifications. What can I do?

We highly recommend to get in touch with our colleagues at SKYWAY DataCenter GmbH for a customized quote!

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