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Country: European Union
Capital: Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg

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IDN capable: Yes
Handle Updates: Yes
Registration Period: 1-10 years
Autorenew Grace Period: days
Deletion Timeframe: 1 day prior to expiration date
Registration System: Realtime
WHOIS-Update: Real-time
WHOIS-Privacy: No
Registry: Registry
Dispute Policy: Policy

Change of the expiration date for .EU domain names
As of September 15, 2014 newly registered .EU domain names will no longer expire at the end of the month but rather at the end of their registration term, calculated in years starting on the registration date and ranging from one to ten years. Domain names registered on February 29 will always expire on February 28.

This change has been incorporated into a new version of the .EU Terms and Conditions, which will go into effect on September 15, 2014:

Due to the system adaption the .EU registry won't be accessible from September 12, 2014, 22:00 UTC until September 15, 2014, 07:00 UTC. During this time frame domain changes and registrations aren't possible.
RRPproxy will apply the same change of the expiration date to existing .EU domain names registered before September 15, 2014.

Example for a 1-year registration:

Current situation until September 15, 2014:
Registration date = January 15, 2014
Expiration date = January 31, 2015 (= January 15, 2014 + forward to the end of month + 1 year)

New situation, after September 15, 2014:
Registration date = January 15, 2014
Expiration date = January 15, 2015 (= January 15, 2014 + 1 year)


Zone Info

.EU is the Top-Level-Domain of the European Union.

Zone Use

Any resident, company or organisation of the EU can register such a domain. It is specifically interesting for companies who have different office locations within the EU.


  • Minimum: 3
  • Maximum: 63
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD

IDN Info

  • All available IDN characters can be found here

Domain Registration

.EU domains can be registered online through webinterface or API. The special parameter x-eu-registrant-lang can be used in the command.

command         = AddDomain
domain          =
period          = ..
ownercontact0   = ....
admincontact0   = ....
techcontact0    = ....
billingcontact0 = ....
nameserver0     = ....
nameserver1     = ....
Sets the domain owner's language displayed in the EURid WHOIS. Can be set to one of the following tags (defaults to en).
  • cs
  • da
  • de
  • el
  • en
  • es
  • et
  • fi
  • fr
  • hu
  • it
  • lt
  • lv
  • mt
  • nl
  • pl
  • pt
  • sk
  • sl
  • sv

Trustee service for NON-EU citizens

A trustee service is available for NON-EU citizens.

command                 = AddDomain
domain                  =
ownercontact0           = ....
admincontact0           = ....
techcontact0            = ....
billingcontact0         = ....
nameserver0             = ....
nameserver1             = ....

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Domain Modification


.EU registrant changes can be done online through webinterface or with the corresponding API command.

command       = ModifyDomain
domain        =
ownercontact0 = [new owner contact]
Attention.png Please note that EURid does not support handle updates. You have to create a new handle containing the same information for Name, Firstname and Organisation as well as the updated contact information and attach it to the domain with the ModifyDomain command.

Domain Renewal

.EU domains can be renewed through the webinterface or with the corresponding API command.

command    = RenewDomain
domain     =
period     = [renew period]
expiration = [current year of expiration]

Deletion Process

.EU Domains can be deleted online throught the Delete Command.

command = DeleteDomain
domain  =


The following categories of companies, organisations and individuals will be able to register a .eu domain:

  • undertakings having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community;
  • organisations established within the European Community without prejudice to the application of national law;
  • natural persons resident within the European Community.
  • residents of the following countries: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

All others can use our trustee service.

  • As there is no existing admin contact at the registry, the admin contact in our system will always be the same as the owner contact.


  • Transfers are possible. Upon successfully transfering a .EU domain, it is automatically renewed for one year. The registration period is extended by one year.

Transfer procedure

The authcode must be explicitly requested via the SetAuthCode command through the current registrar before initiating a transfer:

command                           = SetAuthCode
domain                            =
action                            = set | delete (optional: default = set)
EOF                               = 
[RESPONSE]                        = 
code                              = 200
description                       = Command completed successfully
runtime                           = 0.36
property[auth][0]                 = XXXX-1234-ABCD-5678
property[auth expiration date][0] = 2017-06-03 15:45:43
  • The transfer can be requested by using the TransferDomain command. The transfer code will have to be stated in the auth parameter:
command     = TransferDomain
domain      =
auth        = XXXX-1234-1234-1234
nameserver0 = (optional)
nameserver1 = (optional)
  • It might be necessary to provide the nameservers in cases where the current ones cannot be parsed.

Transfer with Ownerchange

command       = TransferDomain
domain        =
auth          = XXXX-1234-1234-1234
ownercontact0 = P-XXXX

Transfer Time

A transfer is done immediately.


Restores are generally possible. A restore can be requested via API command or via webinterface.

command = restoredomain
domain  =

Transfer from quarantine for domains at other registrars

Deleted .EU domains under the management of another registrar can be restored from quarantine and simultaneously transferred to Key-Systems ("transfer from quarantine").

The transfer from quarantine can be initiated through the webinterface or through an API command:

command             = TransferDomain
action              = request
domain              =
auth                = XXXX-1234-1234-1234
x-accept-quarantine = 1

Please note:
A trade from quarantine is not possible.

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