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Welcome to RRPproxy and thank you for selecting Key-Systems as your registrar of choice.


A connection to RRPproxy can be established through the following ways:

  • Webinterface
  • eMail - Templates
  • SOAP
  • MREG - software
  • HTTPS - socket
  • EPP

Further details can be found in our API documentation, which is available as download in your account or here in our wiki.


Please find below first information about how to use our system. You have received two different passwords and logins:

RRPproxy login

This is the password to login to the RRPproxy webinterface. It must also be used to access our system via the API.

FTP login

In this section you will be able to download your invoices on a monthly basis. Furthermore we publish several daily reports of your domains.

Getting started

The following will give you a brief overview of the steps necessary to get started:

Step 1:

Log into your RRPproxy Account and proceed to Account --> Zones&prices --> Your inactive TLDs. Under this menu, you must first identify which TLDs you would like to activate. Activate basically means, that you will be able to register and administer domains beneath the respective zone.

Step 2:

As the RRPproxy is based on prepayment, you must first load your account with sufficient funds.

We offer different methods of payment:

  • Credit Card/PayPal/Alipay payment

To charge your account with a pre-determined amount, kindly proceed to Finances --> Charge Account and fill in the necessary information. Please note the credit card payment is processed in real-time. If the transaction was successful then you will notice the change immediately.

  • Cash remittance

Second option is that you wire-transfer funds to your RRPproxy-Account.
Please use the following bank details:

Bank Information:

Bank Name: Landesbank Saar

For our customers worldwide: Fortis Bank Ndl Deutschland Currency: EUR IBAN: DE32370106005113701140 BIC: GEBADE33XXX

Landesbank Saar

Currency: EUR
IBAN: DE79590500000020027355

Currency: USD
IBAN: DE18590500002000072963

Currency: PLN
IBAN: DE15590500002000074472

Currency: CHF
IBAN: DE45590500000039500038

For our customers in Austria:Salzburger Sparkasse

Currency: EUR
IBAN: AT222040400040449340

For our customers in Luxembourg:BGL BNP PARIBAS

Currency: EUR
IBAN: LU220030422154440000

Attention.png Please don't forget to mention your reseller name in the reference field and do not forget to specify your RRPproxy username like: mreg yourname

As soon as you have sufficient funds on your account and have activated your desired TLDs, then you are ready to register domains.

Other information of use:

  • Tool Admin

Under menue TOOL ADMIN you will have the possibility of accessing various different tools to help you as a Registrar-Service-Provider, such as an IDN-Conversion Tool, TLD Maintenance Management System (in the event that a registry is performing a maintenance, then this will be posted prior to the maintenance actually taking place), etc.

  • Invoices
    Invoices are always generated on the first work day of the following month and automatically uploaded into your RRPproxy Account. You can easily download your monthly invoice under --> Finances --> Invoices.
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