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Flag re.png
Country: Réunion
Continent: Africa
Capital: Saint-Denis
Location: -20°7'S 55°27'E

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IDN capable: Yes
Handle Updates: Yes
Registration Period: 1-10 years
Autorenew Grace Period: days
Deletion Timeframe: 1 day prior to expiration date
Registration System: Realtime
WHOIS-Update: Real-time
Registry: Registry
Dispute Policy: [ Policy]


Zone Info

.RE is the official country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) for the Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

Zone Use

.RE name space will be open to all individuals and entities domiciled in the European Union (please see chapter Restrictions) on December 6, 2011. Furthermore, the registration of .WF, .TF, .RE, .PM and .YT domains will be made available for all businesses / organizations in the European Union.

The following may apply to register a domain name in each of the top-level domains:

  • Individuals resident in the territory of the European Union
  • Entities having their registered or main office on the territory of a Member of the European Union


  • Minimum: 3
  • Maximum: 63
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD

IDN Info

  • The following characters are available for IDN domains:
    ß, à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, ç, è, é, ê, ë, ì,í, î, ï, ñ, ò, ó, ô, õ, ö, ù, ú, û, ü, ý, ÿ, oe

Domain Registration

.RE domains can be registered online through the Webinterface or with the corresponding API command.

command         = AddDomain
domain          =
period          = 1
ownercontact0   = [owner-contact]
admincontact0   = [admin-contact]
techcontact0    = [tech-contact]
billingcontact0 = [billing-contact]
nameserver0     = [nameserver 1]
nameserver1     = [nameserver 2]

If the registrant is a natural person, the below parameters are optional.

The registrant's birthdate in the form YYYY-MM-DD.
X-FR-BIRTHPLACE = [country code]
The registrant's birthplace in form of a two-letter country-code. (e.g. DE)
additionally for natural persons born in France (or one of the following countries RE|MQ|GP|GF|RE|NC|PF|WF|PM|YT)
X-FR-BIRTHCITY = [city name]
The registrant's place of birth (city name)
X-FR-BIRTHPC = [postcode]
The registrants postcode of the place of birth (or at least the department code)
optional parameter for whois opt out
show private data in whois (0=show, 1=do not show)

If the registrant is an organisation or a company, there are several optional ways to provide necessary data for the verification of the domain holder:

For an Association, the following parameters may be used

X-FR-WALDEC = [Waldec ID]
indicates the identifier Waldec linked to an association. If this identifier is provided, this is sufficient to identify an association. Only digits allowed

or alternatively

X-FR-DATE-PUBLICATION-JO = [Date of publication JO]
will contain the date of publication in the official gazette (DATE FORMAT YYYY-MM-DD)
X-FR-ANNOUNCE = e.g. 5
the "announce" attribute shows the number of the announcement. Only digits allowed
X-FR-NUMERO-DE-PAGE-ANNOUNCE-JO = [Number of page announce JO]
the "page" attribute shows the page number of this announcement). Only digits allowed
X-FR-DATE-ASSOCIATION = [Shows date of association]
shows the date of association. (DATE FORMAT YYYY-MM-DD)

For companies with a valid trademark number

X-FR-TRADEMARK = [trademark number]

For companies with valid SIREN/SIRET number

Please note: The company name provided in the registrant contact details must be exactly the same as shown in SIREN/SIRET database.

For companies with valid VATID

X-FR-VATID - [company VAT ID]

For companies with a valid DUNS number

X-FR-DUNS - [company DUNS] (Short for Data Universal Numbering System; refers to a new identifier that can be sent for an Eligibility Verification at European level.)

For companies with a valid local identifier

X-FR-LOCAL - [company Local] (A local identifier specific to a country of the European Economic Area. ) e.g. business certificate number

For registrants outside of European Union - Trustee Service -

For registrants outside of European Union (please see chapter Restrictions) we offer a trustee service.
Please use below parameter together with the AddDomain command to activate the trustee solution.


* Please note:
For registrations using the trustee service a special trustee agreement applies.
The trustee agreement can be found in the new web interface, section "Downloads" category "Agreements".

command                 = AddDomain
domain                  =
period                  = 1
ownercontact0           = [owner-contact]
admincontact0           = [admin-contact]
techcontact0            = [tech-contact]
billingcontact0         = [billing-contact]
nameserver0             = [nameserver 1]
nameserver1             = [nameserver 2]

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Domain Modification


The trade is a billed operation that changes the anniversary date of the domain name. The lifetime starts from beginning.

Change of Registrant is possible, please use the command TradeDomain for trades.
The following details are required:

  • Domain
  • Owner handle (new owner)
  • local presence service: Trustee - yes/no?
  • if no Trustee is needed, additional settings are required depending on the owner type (X-FR extensions, see AddDomain)

Example - without Trustee:

command       = TradeDomain
domain        = yourdomain.RE
ownercontact0 = P-XXXXX
auth          = 

Further settings are possible depending on the owner type.

Example - with Trustee:

command                 = TradeDomain
domain                  = yourdomain.RE
ownercontact0           = P-XXXXX
auth                    = 
Attention.png IMPORTANT: Trade and transfer at the same time are NOT possible anymore due to changes by Afnic 2015/06/30.

Trade Notes

The trade operation triggers validation emails that are sent to both holders (incoming and outgoing) and information emails to the outgoing registrar and the outgoing administrative contact.
Both holders have 15 days to give their agreement by clicking on the relevant link found inside the validation email. They also have the possibility to validate the transmission by sending a fax (or an email attachment) co-signed by both parties. If both agreements are not given within 15 days, the operation is canceled. If within 15 days one of the holders requests the cancellation of the transmission by clicking on the relevant link found inside the validation email, the transmission will automatically be canceled.

Domain Renewal

As .RE domains can only be registered on a yearly basis, they cannot be renewed explicitly. To renew an .RE domain, you have to set the domain renewal mode or default renewal mode to "AUTORENEW" or "RENEWONCE".

Deletion Process

.RE domains can be deleted online through the web interface or with the corresponding API command.

command = DeleteDomain
domain  = yourdomain.RE


Eligibility is extended to natural persons resident and legal entities having their registered office or principal place of business in the territory of a Member State of the European Union (EU) or in the territory of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. One of the following is required: Siren/Siret number, DUNS number, company registration number, business certificate number or other valid local identifier specific to a country of the European Union Member or other country listed above. The Registrant and the administrative contact must be reachable and must provide a valid telephone number, address and e-mail address. Supporting documentation may be required.

  • The tech-contact must not be identical with the Owner Contact.
  • Please note that a trademark registered for the European Union or a Member State is not sufficient to be entitled to register .RE domains.
  • Personal registrations possible, please provide Birthdate, Birthplace, Birthcity and postcode.
  • AFNIC may delete, on its own decision, some domain names that do not follow the naming charter after identification operations and/or eligibility checks. Reserved domain names of the registry for special use or special individuals or organizations can be found here:


Please use the API command TransferDomain for transfers.

Transfer Procedure

The following details are required:

  • auth-code
  • new admin-contact handle (please note: admin contact must be located in EU)
  • X-FR extensions for admin contact (see domain registration section)
  • new tech-contact handle


command       = TransferDomain
domain        = yourdomain.RE
admincontact0 = P-XXXX
techcontact0  = P-XXXX
auth          = [auth-code]

Transfer Notes

  • The registrar change request is made by the new registrar. It is the auth-code given by the holder to the incoming registrar that validates this request.
  • The outgoing registrar receives a registrar change notification:
    • If the outgoing registrar accepts within 8 days, the registrar change is immediately validated.
    • If the outgoing registrar refuses within 8 days, the total duration of the registrar change operation is extended to 22 days before validation. The outgoing registrar may still accept the transfer before the 22 days.
    • If the outgoing registrar does not react within 8 days, the registrar change is immediately validated at the end of the 8 days.
    • The transfer operation is billed and changes the expiration date of the domain name.
  • Trade and transfer are possible at the same time, please initiate it with a TradeDomain command.


Restores are possible for a period of 30 days. A restore can be requested via API command or via webinterface.

command = restoredomain
domain  =

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