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IDN capable: Yes
Handle Updates: Yes
Registration Period: 1-10 years
Autorenew Grace Period: 35 days
Deletion Timeframe: 35 days after expiration date
Registration System: Realtime
WHOIS-Privacy: Yes
Registry: Registry
Dispute Policy: Policy


General Information

New Domains Watch Process now live
Domains Watch is relaunching. From today (22nd March 2016)a new process for allocating domains is in place. The system is changing. As of Monday names registered to the .tickets registry will no longer be subject to the fast-track/standard-track process.

Names will pass through the verification system as usual, however generic names or those with valid rights will be approved for use within 5 business days.

Those applying for a trademarked name without obvious valid rights will still need to either provide evidence or wait out the listing period which will now last 60 days. This allows those with eligable rights time to challenge the application if they wish.

Private and Proxy registrations are still not allowed by the registry.

Zone Info

.TICKETS is a new generic Top-Level-Domain (gTLD)


  • Minimum: 1
  • Maximum: 63
  • Letters and numbers
  • Dot ("."), the dot is used exclusively to separate labels.
  • Hyphens ("-"), the hyphen may not appear at the beginning or end of a label

Domain Registration

.TICKETS domains can be registered online through webinterface or API.

command         = AddDomain
domain          =
period          = 1
ownercontact0   = [owner handle]
admincontact0   = [admin contact]
techcontact0    = [tech contact]
billingcontact0 = [billing contact]
nameserver0     = [nameserver1]
nameserver1     = [nameserver2]

Please note: After a successful registration of the domain, it will be transfer locked from the registry for a period of 60 days.

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Domain Modification


Registrant changes for .TICKETS domains can be done online via api or webinterface.

command       = ModifyDomain
domain        =
ownercontact0 = [new owner handle]

Domain Renewal

.TICKETS domains can be renewed through the webinterface or with the corresponding API command.

command    = RenewDomain
domain     =
period     = [renew period]
expiration = [current year of expiration]

Deletion Process

.TICKETS Domains can be deleted online through the Delete Command.

command = DeleteDomain
domain  =


Domain Name Allocation Rules During General Availability

1. Standard Track Processing
All Applications for .tickets names will be processed according to Standard Track Processing unless Fast Track Processing is requested by the Applicant to the Registry within five (5) Business Days of the Applicant being contacted by the Registry after the Registry received the application from the Applicant’s Registrar.

Applications in Standard Track Processing will be held in reserved Pending Create status for up to 30 days during which time they will be Advertised on the Registry-managed website During the Advertisement Period, third parties with Eligible Rights in the Requested Name may submit Competing Applications for the identical domain name.

At any point during the Advertisement Period the original Applicant may apply to Expedite a Standard Track Application by submitting evidence of an Eligible Right in the Requested Name. If the Registry is satisfied at its sole discretion that such an Eligible Right exists, it will terminate the Advertisement Period and the Requested Name will be registered to the original Applicant.

2. Fast Track Processing
An Applicant that can demonstrate having an Eligible Right in the Requested Name may bypass Standard Track Processing, including the Advertisement Period, by requesting Fast Track Processing.
In order to prevent the start of the Advertisement Period, Fast Track Processing must be requested by the Applicant within 5 (five) Business Days of the Applicant being contacted by the Registry notifying the Applicant of the Registry’s receipt of the Applicant’s Application from the Applicant’s Registrar. Requests made after this time will be rejected and the Application will be published on the Registry-managed website via which third parties may submit Competing Applications for the identical domain name.

An Eligible Right in respect of a Requested Name is one of the following:
(a) A nationally or regionally registered trade mark registered in respect of tickets or ticketing goods or services; OR
(b) A name or other term that, while not registered as a trade mark, has been used in trade to distinguish the tickets or ticketing goods or services of one undertaking from those of another. What constitutes tickets or ticking goods or services for the purposes of this policy will be decided by the Registry at its sole discretion.

Applicants can demonstrate an Eligible Right based on a registered trade mark by providing the following information:
(a) The text of the trade mark as registered;
(b) The registration number of the relevant trade mark;
(c) The date of registration;
(d) The jurisdiction of registration of the trade mark;
(e) The name of the registered owner of the trade mark or documentary evidence confirming that the Applicant is authorised by the registered owner of the trade mark to make the Application and have the domain name registered to it; and
(f) The address of the registered owner of the trade mark.

Applicants can demonstrate an Eligible Right based on an unregistered name or other term by providing at the request of the Registry, one or more of the following types of evidence which must contain the full text of the Eligible Right in a clear and stand-alone format:
(a) Dated tickets;
(b) Dated advertising and marketing materials for tickets or ticketing goods or services (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, product manuals, displays or signage, press releases, screen shots, social media marketing materials etc.);
(c) Links to websites, screen shots from websites relating to the sale or advertisement of tickets or ticketing goods or services;
(d) Headed and dated stationery, receipts, invoices relating to the sale or advertisement of tickets or ticketing goods or services; or
(e) Dated photographs or scans of product labels, tags or containers demonstrating the sale or advertisement of tickets or ticketing goods or services.

Applicants or Competing Applicants will submit, via the website, no more than 10MB of documentary evidence in support of each Application or Competing Application. Further pages need not be considered by the registry.


.TICKETS transfers are possible. Upon successfully transferring a domain, it is automatically renewed for one year. The registration period is extended by one year.

Transfer procedure

  • .TICKETS Transfers can either be done through the RRPproxy WebInterface or API.
command = TransferDomain
domain  =
action  = request
auth    = .....
  • After the transfer has been requested, our backend system sends a confirmation email to the Owner/Admin-C according to the WHOIS of the respective domain. In order to initiate the transfer successfully it is important, that this email is confirmed.
  • After confirmation the transfer is initiated through the official registry and the losing registrar will receive the transfer request.
  • The losing registrar will also send an email to the Owner/Admin-C. allowing him/her to deny the transfer. If you do not respond to the email of the losing registrar, then the transfer will get processed successfully after 5 days.
Attention.png If the Email-Address in the WHOIS is invalid, then the transfer cannot be processed.If this is the case, then kindly contact your current registrar and ask him to update the WHOIS information accordingly.

Transfer notes

  • A .TICKETS Domain Transfer must be initiated with a so-called Authorisation Code, which can be obtained from the current registrar through the owner or Admin-C of the domain.
  • Ensure that your respective domain does not have a lock-status (REGISTRAR-LOCK or HOLD). This can be seen in the WHOIS.
    If the domain is locked, then the owner can demand that the domain will be unlocked.
  • Please note that we are only allowed to initiate a gTLD transfer after confirmation of the "ICANN Form of Authorization" by the current registrant. The policies can be viewed under
  • After a successful transfer of the domain, it will be transfer locked from the registry for a period of 60 days.


  • The format for auth info requires a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters.
  • Additionally, auth info must contain at least one of each of the following three character types:
    • Alphabetic character:a-z; A-Z
    • Numeric character : 0-9
    • Special characters: !;<=$%?&@[()]*^+-,'-{.|/}:~

Transfer time

A transfer takes 5 days to complete.


Restores are possible within 30 days upon deletion. A restore can be done via API command or via webinterface.

command = restoredomain
domain  =

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