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You can now move an object within your own environment respectively hierarchy from one account in a subaccount using the new command "PushObject". Objects are among others: domain, domain block, SSL certificate, web hosting product or mobile account. These pushs are possible: * From reseller to subreseller * From subreseller to subreseller * From subreseller to reseller (command must be performed through the reseller account!) * Contact handles will be cloned. * Does not work with TLDs that require a TradeDomain (instead of ModifyDomain) to change the owner contact! What does the PushObject command do in case of domains? The PushObject command does the following: Besides moving the domain from one account to another, the process clones the current contact handles and substitutes the current ones through a ModifyDomain command. This is done, to give the new maintainer of the domain access to the used contact handles. For a TLD where a TradeDomain is required to change the owner contact, this is not possible. A TradeDomain is, in most cases, not processed in realtime, requires additional documents, an authcode or combinations of them. Therefore, PushObject does not work for TLDs that require a TradeDomain. Additionally, .DK domain names cannot be pushed due to the limitation of modifications only being possible through DK-Hostmaster themselves. The PushObject command does NOT alter the domain renewalmode! If the domain renewalmode is AUTOEXPIRE/AUTODELETE and the renewalmode of the target account is DEFAULT (which is equal to AUTORENEW), the domain will expire/be deleted on the renewaldate, even if the account renewalmode is set to AUTORENEW/DEFAULT because the domain will keep its individual renewalmode. The renewalmode of the account itself will only be applied, if the renewalmode of the domain is set to DEFAULT.

Possible Gateways

The command PushObject is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


command = PushObject
object  = (unique object identifier, e.g. domain name)
target  = (target registrar / subreseller)


code = 200
description = Command completed successfully
runtime = 0.107
queuetime = 0

Wedomains :)