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Query list of servers.

Possible Gateways

The command QueryServerList is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND     = QueryServerList
FIRST       = [INT]
WIDE        = [1|0]
LIMIT       = [INT]
ORDER       = [ASC|DESC]
CLASS       = [VSERVER_512|VSERVER_1024|VSERVER_2048]
PERIOD      = [1M|3M|6M]


code                         = [INT]
description                  = [TEXT]
property[BOOTORDER][n]       = [dc|cd]
property[CDIMAGE][n]         = [INT]
property[CPUS][n]            = [INT]
property[CREATED BY][n]      = [TEXT]
property[CREATED DATE][n]    = [DATE]
property[DISK][n]            = [INT]
property[EXPIRATION DATE][n] = 
property[MEM][n]             = [INT]
property[PERIOD][n]          = [1M|3M|6M]
property[SERVER][n]          = [TEXT]
property[SERVERIP][n]        = [IP]
property[SERVERMAC][n]       = [TEXT]
property[STATUS][n]          = [TEXT]
property[UPDATED BY][n]      = [TEXT]
property[UPDATED DATE][n]    = [DATE]
property[VNCIP][n]           = [IP]
property[VNCKEYMAP][n]       = [ar|da|de|de-ch|en-gb|...]
property[VNCPASS][n]         = [TEXT]
property[VNCPOINTER][n]      = [mouse|tablet]
property[VNCPORT][n]         = [INT]


BOOTORDERBoot priority currently used by the system (dc:Drive D (CD-Image), Drive C; cd:Drive C, Drive D (CD-image))
CDIMAGEID of the CD image connected to the system
CPUSNumber of CPUs available for this server
CREATED BYServer was ordered by this registrar
CREATED DATEServer was ordered on this date
DISKDiskspace in bytes
EXPIRATION DATEServer is paid up to this date
MEMMemory available in bytes
PERIODBilling cycle of the server
RENEWALMODEWhat happens with the server once the expiration date is reached
SERVERUnique ID of the server
SERVERIPIP of the server
SERVERMACMAC address of the server
STATUSCurrent status of the server
UPDATED BYServer was last updated by this registrar
UPDATED DATEServer was last modified on this date
VNCIPIP address of the VNC server connected to the system
VNCKEYMAPKeyboard mapping of the VNC server
VNCPASSPassword of the VNC server connected to the system
VNCPOINTERType of pointer emulation for VNC
VNCPORTPort of the VNC server connected to the system

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