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Get Database status, returns the Database-ID and its properties.

Possible Gateways

The command StatusDatabase is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = StatusDatabase
LOG = 0|1


code = (INT)
description = (TEXT)
property[CREATED DATE][0] = (DATETIME)
property[DATABASE][0] = (DATE)
property[IP][0] = (TEXT)
property[QUOTA][0] = (TEXT)
property[STATUS][0] = active|disabled
property[USED QUOTA][0] = (INT)


LOG Optional
DATABASE Name of the object to query
CREATED DATE Creation date of the web space
DATABASE Unique ID of the database
IP IP address of the webs space
QUOTA Maximal size of the database in MB
STATUS Current status of the web space
USED QUOTA Quota usage

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