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Possible Gateways

The command StatusRegistrar is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = StatusRegistrar


code = (INT)
description = (TEXT)
property[BANK_CODE][0] = (TEXT)
property[CURRENT][0] = (TEXT)
property[FTPPASSWORD][0] = (TEXT)
property[COMMENT][0] = (TEXT)
property[STATUS][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_CONTACT][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_CONTACT][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_CONTACT][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_CONTACT][0] = (TEXT)
property[PARENT][0] = (TEXT)
property[REGISTRAR][0] = (TEXT)
property[EMAIL][0] = (EMAILS)
property[URGENTEMAIL][0] = (EMAILS)
property[COUNTRY][0] = (COUNTRY)
property[LANGUAGE][0] = en_US|de_DE
property[OWNER_TITLE][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_FIRSTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_MIDDLENAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_LASTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_STREET][n] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_CITY][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_ZIP][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_COUNTRY][0] = (COUNTRY)
property[OWNER_STATE][0] = (TEXT)
property[OWNER_PHONE][0] = (PHONE)
property[OWNER_FAX][0] = (PHONE)
property[OWNER_EMAIL][0] = (EMAIL)
property[ADMIN_TITLE][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_FIRSTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_MIDDLENAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_LASTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_STREET][n] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_CITY][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_ZIP][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_COUNTRY][0] = (COUNTRY)
property[ADMIN_STATE][0] = (TEXT)
property[ADMIN_PHONE][0] = (PHONE)
property[ADMIN_FAX][0] = (PHONE)
property[ADMIN_EMAIL][0] = (EMAIL)
property[TECH_TITLE][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_FIRSTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_MIDDLENAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_LASTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_STREET][n] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_CITY][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_ZIP][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_COUNTRY][0] = (COUNTRY)
property[TECH_STATE][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_PHONE][0] = (PHONE)
property[TECH_FAX][0] = (TEXT)
property[TECH_EMAIL][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_TITLE][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_LASTNAME][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_STREET][n] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_CITY][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_ZIP][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_STATE][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_PHONE][0] = (PHONE)
property[BILLING_FAX][0] = (TEXT)
property[BILLING_EMAIL][0] = (TEXT)
property[ZONES][0] = (LONGTEXT)
property[ZONE][n] = (TEXT)
property[INVOICERUN][0] = (TEXT)
property[CURRENCY][0] = (TEXT)
property[PRICESCALE][0] = (TEXT)
property[VAT][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[VAT_ID][0] = (TEXT)
property[CREDIT][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[TEMPCREDIT][0] = (DECIMAL)
property[ELV][0] = 0|1
property[ACCOUNTHOLDER][0] = (TEXT)
property[ACCOUNTNUMBER][0] = (TEXT)
property[SEPA_ACTIVE][0] = 0|1
property[BANKCODE][0] = (TEXT)
property[SEPA_IBAN][0] = (TEXT)
property[SEPA_BIC][0] = (TEXT)
property[WHOIS_RSP][0] = (TEXT)
property[SEPA_MID][0] = (TEXT)
property[URL][0] = (TEXT)
property[WHOIS_BANNER][n] = (TEXT)
property[COMMENTS][n] = (TEXT)
property[WDRP_EMAILSENDER][0] = (TEXT)
property[WDRP_EMAILURL][0] = (TEXT)
property[NLEMAIL][0] = (TEXT)
property[NLLANGUAGE][0] = (TEXT)
property[WICOLOR][n] = (TEXT)
property[WISLOGAN][0] = (TEXT)
property[WITITLE][0] = (TEXT)
property[WIWELCOMETEXT][n] = (TEXT)
property[WIHEADLINE][0] = (TEXT)
property[WILANGUAGE][n] = (TEXT)
property[SUBMAXACCOUNTS][0] = (INT)
property[SUBFREEACCOUNTS][0] = (INT)
property[SUBMAXLAYERS][0] = (INT)
property[CREATED_DATE][0] = (DATE)
property[UPDATED_DATE][0] = (DATE)
property[RAM_ACTIVE][0] = (TEXT)


PARENT Name of the parent reseller; Will only be returned if user
REGISTRAR Name of the account
EMAIL All automatic events from RRPProxy will be sent to this emailaddress.
URGENTEMAIL This mail will be used for urgent messages like abuses. Messages to this address should be answered fast
COUNTRY 2-letter ISO country code
LANGUAGE Language the user wants to use
OWNER_TITLE Title of the owner contact
OWNER_FIRSTNAME First name of the owner contact
OWNER_MIDDLENAME Middle name of the owner contact
OWNER_LASTNAME Last name of the owner contact
OWNER_ORGANIZATION Organization name of the owner contact
OWNER_STREET Street of the owner contact
OWNER_CITY City of the owner contact
OWNER_ZIP Zip of the owner contact
OWNER_COUNTRY Country of the owner contact
OWNER_STATE State of the owner contact
OWNER_PHONE Telephone - number of the owner contact
OWNER_FAX FAX - number of the owner contact
OWNER_EMAIL Email - address of the owner contact
ADMIN_TITLE Title of the administrative contact
ADMIN_FIRSTNAME First name of the administrative contact
ADMIN_MIDDLENAME Middle name of the administrative contact
ADMIN_LASTNAME Last name of the administrative contact
ADMIN_ORGANIZATION Organization of the administrative contact
ADMIN_STREET Street of the administrative contact
ADMIN_CITY City of the administrative contact
ADMIN_ZIP Zip of the administrative contact
ADMIN_COUNTRY Country of the administrative contact
ADMIN_STATE State of the administrative contact
ADMIN_PHONE Telephone number of the administrative contact
ADMIN_FAX FAX - number of the administrative contact
ADMIN_EMAIL Email - address of the administative contact
TECH_TITLE Title of the technical contact
TECH_FIRSTNAME First name of the technical contact
TECH_MIDDLENAME Middle name of the technical contact
TECH_LASTNAME Last name of the technical contact
TECH_ORGANIZATION Organization of the technical contact
TECH_STREET Street of the technical contact
TECH_CITY City of the technical contact
TECH_ZIP Zip of the technical contact
TECH_COUNTRY Country of the technical contact
TECH_STATE State of the technical contact
TECH_PHONE Telephone number of the technical contact
TECH_FAX FAX - number of the technical contact
TECH_EMAIL Email - address of the technical contact
BILLING_TITLE Title of the billing contact
BILLING_FIRSTNAME First name of the billing contact
BILLING_MIDDLENAME Middle name of the billing contact
BILLING_LASTNAME Last name of the billing contact
BILLING_ORGANIZATION Organization of the billing contact
BILLING_STREET Street of the billing contact
BILLING_CITY City of the billing contact
BILLING_ZIP Zip of the billing contact
BILLING_COUNTRY Country of the billing contact
BILLING_STATE State of the billing contact
BILLING_PHONE Telephone number of the billing contact
BILLING_FAX FAX - number of the billing contact
BILLING_EMAIL Email - address of the billing contact
ZONES Comma-separated list of all of the users active TLDs
ZONE List of active TLDs
LOWBALANCE_WARNING If the account goes lower than this value, a warningmail
INVOICERUN The rrpproxy invoicerun used for this registrar.; Will only be returned
CURRENCY The currency in which the account will be billed
PRICESCALE Pricescale assigned to the account
VAT The value added tax which will be charged will be send if user
VAT_ID The VATID assigned to you or your company.
CREDIT Current credit
EMERGENCYCREDIT The credit useable for renewals; Will only be returned if user
TEMPCREDIT Indicates, if a temporary credit is currently being used; Will only be returned if user
ELV Direct debit authorization
SEPA_ACTIVE SEPA direct debit authorization
SEPA_ACCOUNTHOLDER Holder of the bank - account
RENEWALMODE Products with no fixed renewalmode will be using the renewalmode given here
SEPA_IBAN IBAN of the SEPA direct debit mandate
TRANSFERMODE Policy that applies to outgoing transfer requests
SEPA_BIC BIC of the SEPA direct debit mandate
WHOIS_RSP This text will be shown in the whois as responsible registrar
SEPA_MID Mandate id for SEPA direct debit payment
URL URL used for registration servicers
WHOIS_BANNER This text will be shown in the whois as banner
NLEMAIL Comma-separated list of newsletter - recipients.
NLLANGUAGE Comma-separated list of languages. If you submit one language, you will receive the newsletter to all addresses in this language. If the number of languages separated by commas is the same as in the list of addresses, each address will receive the newsletter in the specific language.
CREATED_DATE When the registrar was created
UPDATED_DATE When was the last modification to the account - data being made
RAM_ACTIVE A flag that shows if there are current active registry account management systems active.

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