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Used to query the current status of the server.

Possible Gateways

The command StatusServer is available via the following gateways:

Required Parameters

The following parameters are standard parameters for this command.


COMMAND = StatusServer
SERVER  = [Server-ID]


code                         = [INT]
description                  = [TEXT]
property[SERVER][0]          = [TEXT]
property[CLASS][0]           = VSERVER_512|VSERVER_1024|VSERVER_2048
property[STATUS][0]          = ACTIVE|DISABLED
property[STATE][0]           = RUNNING|STOPPED
property[PERIOD][0]          = 1M|3M|6M
property[CPUS][0]            = [INT]
property[MEM][0]             = [INT]
property[DISK][0]            = [INT]
property[SERVERIP][0]        = [IP]
property[SERVERMAC][0]       = [TEXT]
property[SERVERPTR][0]       = [TEXT]
property[BOOTORDER][0]       = cd|dc
property[CDIMAGE][0]         = [INT]
property[CREATED DATE][0]    = [DATE]
property[CREATED BY][0]      = [TEXT]
property[UPDATED DATE][0]    = [DATE]
property[UPDATED BY][0]      = [TEXT]
property[EXPIRATION DATE][0] = [DATE]
property[REGISTRAR][0]       = [TEXT]
property[VNCIP][0]           = [IP]
property[VNCKEYMAP][0]       = [ar|da|de|de-ch|en-gb|en-us|es|...]
property[VNCPORT][0]         = [INT]
property[VNCPASS][0]         = [TEXT]
property[VNCPOINTER][0]      = mouse|tablet


SERVERUnique ID of the server
CLASSServer Class of this machine
STATUSStatus of the server
STATECurrent runtime state
PERIODBilling cycle of the server
RENEWALMODERenewalmode of the server
CPUSNumber of CPUs
MEMMemory of this machine (in Bytes)
DISKDisk space of this machine (in Bytes)
SERVERIPIP address of this machine
SERVERMACMAC address of this machine
SERVERPTRPTR/rDNS entry of the serverip
BOOTORDERBoot order of the system
CDIMAGECD image currently used
CREATED DATEServer was created on this date
CREATED BYRegistrar which added this server
UPDATED DATEServer last updated on this date
UPDATED BYServer last updated by this registrar
EXPIRATION DATEServer paid until this date
REGISTRARRegistrar this server belongs to
VNCIPIP address of VNC server
VNCKEYMAPKeyboard mapping of the VNC server
VNCPORTPort of VNC server
VNCPASSPassword of VNC server
VNCPOINTERType of pointer emulation for VNC

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