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RRPproxy Homepage

EPP Command Reference

Our EPP Reference Manual will give you an extensive overview of the commands which can be submitted to the system. Please read the EPP reference manual carefully. As this is a new product type, we appreciate your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments.


Poll:AckPoll Ack command
Poll:DomainDeletionMessageDomain deletion message
Poll:DomainRegistrationMessageDomain registration message
Poll:DomainRenewalMessageDomain renewal message
Poll:DomainTradeMessageDomain trade message
Poll:DomainTransferStatusMessageDomain Transfer status message
Poll:DomainUpdateMessageDomain update message
Poll:RestoreFailedMessageDomain Restore Failed Poll Message
Poll:RestoreNotifyMessageDomain Restore Notify Poll Message
Poll:RestorePendingMessageDomain Restore Pending Poll Message
Poll:RestoreSuccessfulMessageDomain Restore Successful Poll Message

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