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KeyDNS: New Anycast Backend Provider

We're proud to announce that on June 29th 2020, CentralNic Managed DNS will replace Dyn.com, which is shutting down its DNS services.

Dyn services will shut down on August 31st 2020.

CentralNic’s DNS Service provides 86 anycast nodes in 30 countries, and currently supports more than 16 million domain names. With a current capacity overhead of 99.7% and 24 years’ continuous uptime, it provides a comprehensive and reliable anycast network for your DNS zone management. More details can be found at https://centralnic-dns.com/

The terms and conditions for using Anycast will not change, the appendix for KeyDNS (appendix_dns) will remain the same.

New IP Addresses

Switching to CentralNic Managed DNS means that the IP addresses for our Anycast nameservers will change.

OLD, will stop working after August 31st 2020:

anycast1.dnsres.net162.88.60.9 / 2600:2000:1000::9
anycast2.dnsres.net162.88.61.9 / 2600:2000:1001::9

NEW, will be available as of June 29th 2020:

anycast1.dnsres.net185.24.67.17 / 2a04:2b00:14aa::11
anycast2.dnsres.net212.18.251.17 / 2a04:2b00:14bb::11

Domains using anycast[1-2].dnsres.net: No change necessary

Domains using anycast[1-2].dnsres.net as nameservers will continue to resolve without disruption, since we're changing the IP addresses in the backend, no adjustment is necessary for such domains.

Host Objects: Please update IP Addresses

If you have Host Objects pointing to our Anycast IP addresses, you need to update them. To ensure continuous operation, we strongly recommend that you adjust your Host Objects (Nameserver, GLUE records) and update IP addresses between June 29th 2020 and August 31st 2020.

You can do so by using the API command ModifyNameserver:

command = ModifyNameserver

Resource Records: Please update IP Addresses

If you are using A/AAAA records in your DNS zone files pointing to our IP addresses, please update them to the new IP addresses as well.

Wedomains :)