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API commands

Please find in the following a set of the most commonly used standard API commands in order to register, modify, renew, and transfer a domain name.

Domain Registration

(API Command reference » AddDomain)
command         = AddDomain
domain          = yourdomain.boats
period          = (INT)
ownercontact0   = (CONTACT)
admincontact0   = (CONTACT)
techcontact0    = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0	= (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 	= (NAMESERVER)

After a successful registration of the domain, it will be transfer locked from the registry for a period of 60 days.

Domain Modification

(API Command reference » ModifyDomain)
command = ModifyDomain
domain  = yourdomain.boats

Domain Renewal

(API Command reference » RenewDomain)
command    = RenewDomain
domain     = yourdomain.boats
period     = (INT)
expiration = (INT)

Domain Deletion

(API Command reference » DeleteDomain)
COMMAND = DeleteDomain
DOMAIN = yourdomain.boats

Domain Transfer

(API Command reference » TransferDomain)
command = TransferDomain
domain = yourdomain.boats
action = REQUEST
auth = (TEXT)

Transfer procedure

  • After the transfer has been requested, our backend system sends a confirmation email to the Owner/Admin-C according to the WHOIS of the respective domain. In order to initiate the transfer successfully it is important, that this email is confirmed.
  • After confirmation the transfer is initiated through the official registry and the losing registrar will receive the transfer request.
  • The losing registrar will also send an email to the Owner/Admin-C. allowing him/her to deny the transfer. If you do not respond to the email of the losing registrar, then the transfer will get processed successfully after 5 days.

If the Email-Address in the WHOIS is invalid, then the transfer cannot be processed.If this is the case, then kindly contact your current registrar and ask him to update the WHOIS information accordingly.

Transfer notes

  • A .boats domain transfer must be initiated with a so-called authorisation code, which can be obtained from the current registrar through the owner or Admin-C of the domain.
  • Ensure that your respective domain does not have a lock-status (REGISTRAR-LOCK or HOLD). This can be seen in the WHOIS.
  • If the domain is locked, then the owner can demand that the domain will be unlocked.
  • Please note that we are only allowed to initiate a gTLD transfer after confirmation of the "ICANN Form of Authorization" by the current registrant. The policies can be viewed under http://www.icann.org/transfers/
  • After a successful transfer of the domain, it will be transfer locked from the registry for a period of 60 days.


The format for auth info requires a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters.

Additionally, auth info must contain at least one of each of the following three character types:

  • Alphabetic characters: a-z; A-Z
  • Numeric characters: 0-9
  • Special characters: !;<=$%?&@[()]*^+-,'-{.|/}:~

Domain Restore

(API Command reference » RestoreDomain)
command = RestoreDomain
domain  = yourdomain.boats

Domain Restrictions

Eligibility Requirements

  1. To register, renew, or accept the transfer of a .boats domain name, you must be an individual or a legal entity with a bona-fide nexus to the .boats sector. This connection means that You as the registrant of the domain name must be able to reasonably demonstrate a link or an interest to the Relevant Sector at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the .boats domain name registration.
  2. Nexus to the Relevant Sector Members of the sector are anticipated to include (the “Relevant Sector”).
    1. Watercraft Manufacturers: A commercial entity that produces recreational or sporting watercraft.
    2. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM): A commercial entity that produces components that are used by Watercraft Manufacturers for producing recreational or sporting watercraft.
    3. Watercraft Product Manufacturers: A commercial entity that produces products intended specifically for use with recreational or sporting watercraft.
    4. Broker: A commercial entity or professional whose primary purpose is to facilitate the sale of recreational watercraft.
    5. Distributors: A commercial entity whose primary purpose is to procure inventories from Watercraft Product Manufacturers for wholesale purchase by dealers.
    6. Dealers: A commercial entity with inventories of recreational or sporting watercraft for purchase.
    7. Retailers: A commercial entity whose primary purpose is offering products for sale, specifically including items from Watercraft Product Manufacturers.
    8. Marinas: A commercial entity whose primary purpose is to sell, lease, or rent storage space for recreational or sporting watercraft.
    9. Watercraft Services: A commercial entity or professional that performs general maintenance or repairs on recreational or sporting watercraft
    10. Financers: A commercial entity that is licensed to lend monies for purchasing recreational or sporting watercraft.
    11. Insurers: A commercial entity that is licensed to insure recreational or sporting watercraft.
    12. Naval Architect: A commercial entity or professional who produces concepts or designs that are intended for recreational or sporting watercraft.
    13. Surveyor: A commercial entity or professional that is certified or accredited by a legitimate association to assess recreational or sporting watercraft.
    14. Associations: A group of professionals, firms, and/or individuals organized together for a specific purpose that is focused on recreational or sporting watercraft.
    15. Educators: A commercial entity or professional that is accredited, approved, or recognized by a reputable organization to offer courses or produce boating industry guideline for the use of recreational watercraft.
    16. Athletes: An individual who participates in sporting watercraft events sanctioned by an international recognized body.
    17. Charters: A commercial entity or professional whose primary business is to provide excursions on watercraft.
    18. Event Organizers: Commercial or professional entities that arrange or promote sanctioned events related to recreational or sporting watercraft.
    19. Media: Commercial or professional entities that publish content specifically intended for the recreational and sporting watercraft industry.
  3. Bona-fide Use
    Registrations under the .boats TLD are limited to bona-fide members of the Relevant Sector, and are subject to the further requirement that the registrant’s actions in the sector, as well as the registrant’s use of the registered domain name, must be:
    1. generally accepted as legitimate;
    2. non-detrimental to the interests of the Relevant Sector; and
    3. in good faith at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the active registration.

The registry will contact the domain owner directly to provide further information and documents once the application / registration has been submitted

The following owner contact parameters are mandatory:

  • Company (if applicable)
  • Contact
  • Address
  • City
  • County (if applicable)
  • Postcode/Zipcode (if applicable)
  • Country
  • Telephone
  • Email

Supported IDN Scripts

The following IDN scripts are supported by .boats.
Provide the LANGUAGE TAG corresponding to your desired IDN within the AddDomain command as X-IDN-LANGUAGE extension.


Get more information of "IDN tables", which represent permitted code points (letters) allowed for Internationalised Domain Name registrations in particular registries on IANA Repository of IDN Practices.

Wedomains :)