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Individual Registrant Privacy Option

NZRS has implemented the Whois Registrant Privacy Option for .nz domain names and we are required to comply with this policy change until March 28, 2018.

Thus, as of March 28, 2018 it will be possible for natural persons (individual registrants not in significant trade) to hide their contact details in the whois. The privacy option can be set for the contact address, phone number and fax number, but not for the email address, organization or name. To use this option, please submit a AddContact or ModifyContact command with extension parameter

X-UNDISCLOSE = address,phone,fax

Registry reference: Individual Registrant Privacy Option

API commands

Please find in the following a set of the most commonly used standard API commands in order to register, modify, renew, and transfer a domain name.

Domain Registration

(API Command reference » AddDomain)
command         = AddDomain
domain          = yourdomain.nz
period          = (INT)
ownercontact0   = (CONTACT)
admincontact0   = (CONTACT)
techcontact0    = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0	= (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 	= (NAMESERVER)
auth            = (UDAI)
  • If a 3rd level equivalent of the domain name already exists, it is mandatory to use the UDAI of that domain to register the .nz domain name.
    • The UDAI will expire after 30 days, wherefore you might have to request a new UDAI as described in the Modify Domain example below.
  • If multiple 3rd level equivalents of the domain name exist, it is mandatory to solve these conflicts first before the .nz domain name can be registered.

Domain Modification

(API Command reference » ModifyDomain)

Creating UDAI

command = ModifyDomain
domain  = yourdomain.nz
auth    = .......*

* use a random value, since it will be overwritten by a new UDAI which is received by an event a few minutes after the domain update

Domain Renewal

(API Command reference » RenewDomain)
command    = RenewDomain
domain     = yourdomain.nz
period     = (INT)
expiration = (INT)

Domain Deletion

(API Command reference » DeleteDomain)
COMMAND = DeleteDomain
DOMAIN = yourdomain.nz

Domain Transfer

(API Command reference » TransferDomain)
command = TransferDomain
domain  = yourdomain.nz
action  = request
auth    = (UDAI)
  • A .nz domain transfer must be initiated with a so-called authorisation code (UDAI, generally 8 characters), which can be obtained from the current registrar through the owner or Admin-C of the domain.
  • Please note that the UDAI changes automatically upon certain domain operations (e.g. Updates, Transfer)
  • The UDAI will expire after 30 days, wherefore you might have to request a new UDAI for already existing domain names. To initiate the generation of a new UDAI through the registry, please submit a ModifyDomain command like shown in the example at DomainModification in this article.

Domain Restore

(API Command reference » RestoreDomain)
command = RestoreDomain
domain  = yourdomain.nz

Domain Restrictions

There are no restrictions for .nz

Wedomains :)