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API commands

Please find in the following a set of the most commonly used standard API commands in order to register, modify, renew, and transfer a domain name.

Domain Registration

(API Command reference » AddDomain)
command         = AddDomain
domain          = yourdomain.qa
period          = (INT)
ownercontact0   = (CONTACT)
admincontact0   = (CONTACT)
techcontact0    = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0	= (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 	= (NAMESERVER)

Domain Modification

(API Command reference » ModifyDomain)
Standard command
command = ModifyDomain
domain  = yourdomain.qa

Change of registrant

command                    = TradeDomain
domain                     = yourdomain.qa
ownercontact0              = (CONTACT)

Domain Renewal

(API Command reference » RenewDomain)
command    = RenewDomain
domain     = yourdomain.qa
period     = (INT)
expiration = (INT)
  • When a Domain Name Licence is renewed, the Domain Name Licence Period is increased by the length of time for which the Domain Name Licence is to be Renewed.
  • .qa domain names are eligible for renewal at any time before the Expiry Date for any period as long as the resulting total Domain Name Licence Period does not exceed five (5) years and ninety (90) Calendar Days. The ninety (90) Calendar Day period added to the end of the Domain Name Licence Period is to allow Registrants the ability to renew their Domain Name Licence whilst not forfeiting the remainder of the Domain Name Licence Period.

Domain Deletion

(API Command reference » DeleteDomain)
command = DeleteDomain
domain  = yourdomain.qa

Domain Transfer

(API Command reference » TransferDomain)
command                    = TransferDomain
domain                     = yourdomain.qa
ownercontact0              = (CONTACT)
admincontact0              = (CONTACT)
techcontact0               = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0            = (CONTACT)
nameserver0                = (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1                = (NAMESERVER)

Domain Restore

RestoreDomain is not available for .qa TLDs.

Domain Restrictions

It isn`t allowed to use words or abbreviations that are contrary to The Qatari Law or Islamic morality!

Fulfillment Info

FTLD .qa is a Fulfillment TLD. Fullfilment TLDs (FTLDs) are registered through a manual registration process. The manual registration process might involve documents, depending on respective registry regulations, and are therefore not automated for real-time registrations and real-time updates. Updates might cause additional costs!

Wedomains :)