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API commands

Please find in the following a set of the most commonly used standard API commands in order to register, modify, renew, and transfer a domain name.

Domain Registration

(API Command reference » AddDomain)
command         = AddDomain
domain          = yourdomain.rs
period          = (INT)
ownercontact0   = (CONTACT)
admincontact0   = (CONTACT)
techcontact0    = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0	= (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 	= (NAMESERVER)

Domain Modification

(API Command reference » ModifyDomain)
Standard command
command = ModifyDomain
domain  = yourdomain.rs

Change of registrant

command                    = TradeDomain
domain                     = yourdomain.rs
ownercontact0              = (CONTACT)

Domain Renewal

(API Command reference » RenewDomain)
command    = RenewDomain
domain     = yourdomain.rs
period     = (INT)
expiration = (INT)

Domain Deletion

(API Command reference » DeleteDomain)
command = DeleteDomain
domain  = yourdomain.rs

Domain Transfer

(API Command reference » TransferDomain)
command = TransferDomain
domain  = yourdomain.rs
action  = request
auth    = .......

Domain Restore

RestoreDomain is not available for .rs TLDs.

Domain Extensions

Domain Extensions for natural persons

X-RS-(OWNER|ADMIN|TECH)-IDCARDCitizen ID is required for all contacts, if contact is a private entity.

Domain Extensions for organisations or companies

X-RS-(OWNER|ADMIN|TECH)-COMPANY-NUMBERCompany registration number is required for all contacts, if contact is a legal entity.

Domain Restrictions

  • A .rs domain name can be used and registered by anyone or any organization.

Fulfillment Info

FTLD .rs is a Fulfillment TLD. Fullfilment TLDs (FTLDs) are registered through a manual registration process. The manual registration process might involve documents, depending on respective registry regulations, and are therefore not automated for real-time registrations and real-time updates. Updates might cause additional costs!

Wedomains :)