RRPproxy Homepage
RRPproxy Homepage

Account Settings

You want to become a client of Key-System's RRPproxy and have no access yet?

Please follow the signup link in the right upper corner to create your new RRPproxy account.

Account Verification

Once you've successfully completed the signup process you will notice that the access within the account is limited and you are asked to complete a few more steps before you are granted with full access.

Charging your account

The first step would be to charge your account with at least xxx USD/EUR (NO WORRIES - this is NOT A FEE and simply serves as part of verifying your serious intention of doing business with us).

Currently, we support the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal


  • Bank Wire Transfer

Sign Agreements

Within second step, you are required to sign both our NDA and reseller agreement which you should have received via mail. Since the RRPproxy reselling portal is only intended for commercial use the documents serve as legal confirmation for your existing business/company which is a standard formality on a b2b level.

The Account Web-Interface

Once you've completed the process and steps as described above a member of the sales team should have verified and activated your account. Now you are ready to start using the account and system with all its features and functionalities.


As with any online account you have, RRPproxy has a standard start screen as well. Basically it consits of 4 major areas as following: - Upper right Menus: - Top/central Menu Bar - Left Side Menu Bar - Centre displaying your current location (the menu/area you've just selected) With any new login you will always be shown the Dashboard as default menu/area. Also, whenever you are in another menu/are and want to get back to the start screen you can do so by clicking on the RRPproxy logo in the top left corner functioning as a kind of "HOME button". As you will notice the other 3 menu bars/areas will always stay the same like a frame around the centre.

General Guide or "where to find what?"

As mentioned above there a 3 different menu bars which lead to different settings, options or operations of the RRPproxy account. By clicking on the main menu you will directly be forwarded to the 1st option/area of the drop down menu. - Top right Menus (right to left):

- Username consisting of:
     - Settings
     - Password & Security
     - Automatic Payments
  - Bell icon showing/listing different system notification concerning several issues
  - Gear Wheel icon showing/listing your current/latest jobs

Top central Menus (left to right):

 - Account Balance: showing your current account balance
     - your current credit line
     - Accountings
     - Invoices & Statements
     - Prices
     - Automatic Payments
     - Charge Your Account
  - API
     - Direct API / EPP

Wedomains :)