RRPproxy Homepage
RRPproxy Homepage


The RRPproxy web interface offers an easy and intuitive way to install open source software from a huge range of software packages. The installations can also easily be updated directly through this service.

You still have the possibility to install almost anything on your webhost manually but you have the choice to do it in just one click!

Hosting - OneClick API-Commands


AddOneClickDatabaseAdd OneClick Database to webhost
AddOneClickSoftwareAdd OneClickSoftware to webhost
DeleteOneClickDatabaseDelete OneClick database
DeleteOneClickSoftwareDelete OneClick software from webhost
QueryOneClickReleaseListQuery OneClick software release list
QueryOneClickSoftwareInfoQuery OneClick software info
QueryOneclickSoftwareListQuery list of available Oneclick Software
QueryOneClickSoftwareRequirementsQuery OneClick software requirements
SearchOneClickSoftwareSearch OneClick software
UpdateOneClickSoftwareUpdate a OneClick software installation

Wedomains :)