RRPproxy Homepage
RRPproxy Homepage

ACL Users & Groups

Each RRPproxy account can set up users and groups. Specific rights can be applied for each user and each group, granting access to objects, as well as what operations are allowed on given objects.

To log into the web interface as a certain user (or send a command to the API) you have to append the username to the account name, connected by ":", as login name (i.e. login=[accountname]:[username]) and enter the corresponding user password.

Users and Groups Management in the Web Interface

The most simple way to manage the users and groups for your RRPproxy account is via the web interface. You can access the settings via the user menu by clicking on your login name on the upper right -> User management. Here you can find full lists of all existing users and groups in your account and also manage their ACL permissions (LINK TO ACL DOCU).

Users and Groups Management via API

Users & Groups can be managed via API through several commands:

AddUserCreates a user or a group.
ModifyUserChange a password of a given user. Adding/removing users to groups.
DeleteUserDeletes a user or a group.
StatusUserShows the status of a given user or group.
QueryUserListShows a list of all users or groups.

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