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API Commands

Aftermarket API-Commands

AddAftermarketAccountAdd an Aftermarket Account
AddAftermarketDomainAdd a Domain listing
AftermarketBidGive a new bid in a bidding
BuyDomainStart a bid on a domain or directly buy a domain.
DeleteAftermarketAccountRemove an Aftermarket Account
DeleteAftermarketDomainRemove a Domain from listing
ModifyAftermarketAccountModify an Aftermarket Account
ModifyAftermarketDomainModify a Domain listing
QueryAftermarketAccountListList your Aftermarket Accounts
QueryAftermarketBidDetails to a certain bid for a domain
QueryAftermarketBidListQuery all initiated aftermarket processes in your RRPproxy account.
QueryAftermarketDomainListList all Domains currently listed for sale
QueryAftermarketListSearch domains in the aftermarket
ReserveDomainReserve a domain in the aftermarket
StatusAftermarketAccountStatus of an Aftermarket Account
StatusAftermarketDomainStatus of a Domain listing

Wedomains :)