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MPML service of Minds + Machines

MPML stands for Minds + Machines’ Protected Marks List. MPML offers brand owners the opportunity to protect their Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”)-registered trademarks by blocking those names, or such a variations as described herein, across the majority of current and future top-level domains (“TLDs”) for which Minds + Machines (M+M) operates as the official registry (i.e., signed the registry agreement with ICANN).
MPML offers TMCH rights holders the ability to block their names against cybersquatting in a cost-effective manner.

Additional information about Minds + Machines' MPML Service can be found at http://mm-registry.com/mpml-faq/.

MPML Override

The purpose of the MPML is to prevent cybersquatting. However, if an eligible trademark holder (i.e., with a valid SMD file in the TMCH) wants to apply for and/or register their name in any M+M TLD then an override of the MPML subscription will occur. Note, an override can only occur for domain names that have a valid SMD file.

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