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Expire Auction

As RRPproxy Reseller you can earn some money with expiring domains by setting the renewal mode for domains to EXPIREAUCTION. At the end of the registration period, the expiration date, the domain is put to auction at our partner Snapnames. If a domain is sold through an auction you will receive a commission of 50% of the revenue collected by us for the sale of domain.

Auction Appendix activation

To use expire auction you need to activate the corresponding appendix which can be found at the top menu "Account Balance" -> "Services & Prices" -> "Other" -> "Other" -> "auction". Activating the auction appendix is free of charge.


Just set the domains renewal mode to ExpireAuction, and that's it! Either via API or in your RRPproxy web interface.

The ExpireAuction mode is available for the following TLDs: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .TV, .MOBI, .ME


command     = SetDomainRenewalMode
domain      = (DOMAIN)
renewalmode = EXPIREAUCTION

Life cycle of an auction domain

  • The renewal mode must be set to EXPIREAUCTION until the 4th day after expiration of a domain name at the latest. Then, the domain receives the extension X-AUCTION = 1.
  • Until the 10th day after expiration the domain name can be reactivated and the decision to auction the domain name can be cancelled. For doing so, please use the ModifyDomain command with X-AUCTION = 0. Until day 34 it is also possible to remove the domain from auctioning by submitting an explicit RenewDomain command.
  • On day 10 after expiration the domain name will be set to X-AUCTION = 2 and SnapNames will start to promote the domain name on their website.
  • On day 35 after expiration the domain will be queued up for auction on SnapNames and will be set to X-AUCTION = 3.
  • If the auction was successful, the domain will be allocated to the new owner.
  • If there is no successful auction until day 43 after expiration, the domain name will be restored to the old contact and nameserver information and will then be deleted at the registry.
Example domain (current date): auction.com on 2013-05-15
Registration date: 2012-04-29
Expiration date: 2014-04-29
Paid until: 2013-04-29
Auction date: 2013-06-03
Deletion date (43 days after expiration date): 2013-06-11
Registration Period: 2012-04-29 – 2013-04-29
Auto Renew Period: 2013-04-29 – 2013-06-11

Wedomains :)