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Odin Plugin

The Key-Systems Domain Plug-in for Odin is a set of PHP scripts developed within the framework of the Odin Domain Plug-in SDK that acts as middleware between Odin Automation core and Key-Systems' reseller platform RRPproxy and implements domain registration operations, configuration and information functions.

We're providing an Odin Plugin for RRPproxy via Github at: https://github.com/rrpproxy/odin-ks-registrar

The Odin plugin supports an unlimited number of unrestricted TLDs (without special parameters or extensions) and 30 so called restricted TLDs using special parameters or extensions.

For each TLD a sub-set of the following list of Domain operations is supported.

  • Registration
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation
  • Transfer in
  • Set Registrar Lock
  • Enable/Disable WHOIS Privacy
  • Update Domain Contacts
  • Register with Trustee Option

The plugin for Odin and its manual is available in the download section of your RRPproxy web interface. For a full list of domain operations supported by restricted TLDs with special parameters or extensions please refer to the Feature Matrix in the manual available in the download section of your RRPproxy web interface.

Supported Odin Software

The Odin plugin requires Odin Automation 7.x Essentials or Odin Automation 7.x Premium.
Please note that Odin Business Automation Standard is not supported by this plugin.

Login Data

The following data is required to set up your RRPproxy account inside your Odin installation:

UsernameYour RRPproxy login
PasswordYour RRPproxy password
TestModeChoose whether to operate in the RRPproxy Test (OT&E) or Production (LIVE) environment

Supported TLDs

Wedomains :)