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Secure your domains with the Verisign Registry Lock Service

The Verisign Registry Lock Service allows registry-level protection for domain names and/or hosts (name servers). The service enables to set Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) server (registry) status codes on selected domain names and/or hosts to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions, and transfers. It is available for .COM, .NET, .TV, .CC and .NAME domains and hosts.
The following EPP server status are included in the Registry Lock:

  • serverUpdateProhibited
  • serverDeleteProhibited
  • serverTransferProhibited

Key Benefits

  • Combat Domain Hijacking
    Protect high-value domain names against unauthorized modifications or deletions.
  • Supplement Existing Protection
    Server level statuses augment protection provided by client level statuses already in use.
  • Secure the Communications Chain
    Enable end-to-end domain name transaction security
Important Note

Please complete the Verisign Registry Lock request form to activate the service. The form can be found in the RRPproxy web interface following "Downloads -> Forms & Info". Please send a scanned copy of the document to support@rrpproxy.net or via fax to +49 6894 9396 851. After receiving the request form, a support representative will call you for confirmation.

Further details about the Verisign Registry Lock Service can be found in the corresponding article at verisign.com.

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