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RRPproxy Whois Privacy Service

Key-Systems offers WhoisPrivacy services to be used with domain name registrations. This service is charged annually for all names containing the flag „x-whoisprivacy“ flag in the domain properties.

All domain contacts (owner-, admin, tech- and billing-contact) with the flag X-WHOISPRIVACY set will not be disclosed in any whois outputs. Instead the data will be displayed having an anonymized email address that will be forwarding all emails to the originating owner contact for a period of 14 days (this feature will only work for thin registries).

14 days after the whois query was made the email address will become invalid and will no longer forward emails to the registrant in order to protect the client from spam (email addresses shown in the output of thick registries whois server will NOT become invalid after 14 days).

Additional to the originating owner contact handle the proxy email address encodes the following data:

  • X-whoisprivacy-originating-handle: <contact ID>
  • X-whoisprivacy-client-ip: <client IP of whois query>
  • X-whoisprivacy-lookup-domain: <domain name of whois query>
  • X-whoisprivacy-timestamp: <timestamp whois query was done>

Terms and Conditions

The WhoisPrivacy service is intended for protecting the registrant for legitimate purposes. Under no condition this service can be used to hide registrant information for unlawful activities such as but not limited to: sending of spam, distributing illegal or pirated content. Key-Systems reserves the right to remove Proxy registrations at his own discretion. The client confirms to indemnify Key-Systems for all financial and juridical issues arraising from the usage of the WhoisPrivacy service. Communications by third parties with the registered client will only be forwarded if sent by email. In order to protect the client from spam the email address will only work for a period of 14 days after the whois query was made. In cases of an UDRP procedure or a „cease and desist“ addressed to the client Key-Systems reserves the right to fully disclose the hidden registrant details. The client will be given a 24 hour pre-notice by email/phone that the whoisprivacy contact will be removed. Postal messages addressed to the registered name holder but sent to the WhoisPrivacy address will NOT be forwarded. The service charge for WhoisPrivacy will be billed on an annual basis for all domain names using this service.

Further information about RRPproxy Whois Privacy Service can be found at http://www.whoisproxy.com/index.php.

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